Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alex and Alex

First day in "Making Books."  Switched into this class from Life Drawing, which couldn't have been more boring.  The thought of using an outline tool to draw things properly in perspective was just plain annoying.  I don't care much for drawing a tea kettle, a purse, or a car in a certain perspective.  The concept of drawing or doing any type art while using restrictions is like an oxymoron to me, and quite frankly really annoying!!!!

Thylias told me this class is about a journey, a journey of my life.  It of course has already started and will continue on after this class, but during this class I get to document the next 3 months of my life journey and hopefully continue on after this class. I have a few ideas on my final project.

 I thinking of doing a "book" about me and my best friend from home who now goes to NYU who is an acting major as well.  We have been friends since we were five. But as many people know as you get older, go to college, meet new people, experience new things, we change and the changes are evident when we go home.  Her name is also Alex. Don't get me wrong we both know we are changing and we still love each other just as much and can go a semester without talking and see each other at home and it's like nothing has changed.  She is one of the good ones.  She's is the type of friend that makes you say that's a good one, that's a friend for life.  Recently, she has been dealing with many personal issues and has fallen into some what of a depression and crisis.  She's very different now,  but I love her all the same.  I am thinking of doing this project as a sort of tribute to her, while telling our story because I think what we have is rare, a sort of miracle.  Doesn't seem like a miracle, but it is to me.  To find someone who understands you more than you may sometimes like, who is the first person you want to tell something good or bad too. Someone who is literally a part of your family or is your family, someone who excepts you for who your are, but at the same time supports you and pushes you to do better, someone who you can go a long time without seeing, but still remain the best of friends.  She is one of the most important people in my life, and recently she is always on my mind because I am worried about her, so as of now our journey Alex and Alex is a big part of my journey.

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