Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well, I've been at a stand still with my ideas for a couple weeks now...
Over spring break I went to one of my high school's rowing practices and got some ideas mainly from the workout called "pedestals" that I had to demonstrate to the novices.
The workout is based on increments of 25 working up to 75 and is done a total of three times. It burns, oh does it burn. The first 25 is up and over head rows with a 20-lb bar. The second is 50 chest rows with that 20-lb bar and the third is squats with this 20-lb bar. I was thinking about how many ways this workout can apply to sustainability...implementing it in steps...having a 5-year plan 10-year plan and 15-year plan. Making large changes at first and working towards a more detailed approach later on. This will definitely work its way into my website, which is a work in progress still, of course.

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