Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Something Still New

I've been thinking about how to expand my original idea of studying media in its various forms, outside of manipulating sound. In order to widen my scope I'm thinking about creating a brief newsmedia compilation in iMovie, although I think it would be difficult to clear rights for most of the things I want to use. Here is an update from a webseries called Rap News. The political and current events related rapping delivered in a news report format parodies and critiques the current method of television "news" transmission, interviewing a hate-spewing Glenn Beck as well as an early motivator and symbol of the Egyptian Revolution Asmaa Mahfouz . The general outlook of Rap News is rooted in a stern distrust of US Foreign Policy as well as domestic manipulations of news media, politics, and the economy by a small group of moneyed corporate elites. The final message of this particular episode is one of striving as a people towards real civilization, meaning a society that truly values and consistently upholds civil responsibility and basic human rights for things like health care, clean water and air, as well as the right to organize labor and protest peacefully.

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