Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Helio Oiticica + Marks

The work of Hélio Oiticica is applicable to our discussion of marks as he is working in Brazil in the 60s during an extreme authoritarian government. He is marked as a white individual in this highly- racially divided environment- not to mention the class divide that is present. This government is containing art through censorship, so for Oiticica he must "bend" mediums-using everyday materials. Instead of showcasing his work in the gallery, Oiticica brings it to the slums- to shanty towns around Brazil; the same times that he chooses to live in. In this regard, one could say that Oiticica is trying to create an egalitarian approach to artistic display- one that does not contain a sense of institutional privileged.

Furthermore, Oiticica's work is less about the art object and more about the social interaction that occurs from walking through his pieces. This notion of social interaction- brings time to the forefront of his work. Their is a sense of time that becomes a collaborator that parallels Limited Fork Theory.

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