Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bringing Democracy to Libya

So I spent this class session putting together a short video in iMovie, meant to be a multimedia discussion on the US/UN intervention in Libya. I intend to work on this video a bit more, hopefully integrating images other than nuclear explosions to further emphasize my ideas. I selected the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's speech since it represents the US government's official stance on our intervention in Libya. Professor Chomsky offers a less mainstream viewpoint and brings decades of political science and history expertise. He is currently Professor Emeritus in Linguistics at MIT. Find out more here.

Here are the sources I used for this project.

american rhetoric.com
Noam Chomsky Warns Against U.S./U.K. Intervention In Libya
I used Audio Hijack Pro to capture some of the audio from streaming sources.

Hydrogen Bomb Test
Atomic Bomb Test-Operation Cue

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