Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shoes and Simultaneity

I've been thinking about the simultaneity studies and one thing keeps on popping into my head that relates in a round about way to my project. One of my high school teachers/voluntary boatman at the boathouse got into the rowing equipment business several years ago. He owns H2Row, a company that now supplies the vast majority of rowing shoes that go in the racing shells. So basically he's a millionaire, but that's besides the point. He's a really funny guy, always cracking jokes, but you can never tell if he's being serious or not...so when he tells us that he owns a sweatshop in some third world country that makes these shoes, idk what to think. But I'm pretty sure he's not kidding about that. Anyways, my point here is every time I think about those shoes now, the first thing that pops into my mind is sweatshops. Now, the simultaneity seen through the eyes of rower...every time I strapped my feet into those shoes I thought about little kids in Taiwan or some country laboring to make them at the same time I was using them to compete in a race. Well here I am thinking these shoes need to be made more sustainably now.

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