Monday, November 5, 2012


Trees remind me of a lot of things. First, I think of my Mom. She loves trees and has certain trees that are "hers." The tree on the corner of our street is very old and tall, and in the fall it always promises vivid oranges and reds. This brings to question location: my relationship with trees, as someone from the East coast is probably much different than someone from California's relationship with trees. I look forward to and celebrate their changes. I also love when they become a frosted white in the winter.

In high school I was involved with an environmental organization on campus that has been around for many years. We have our own farm within a stone's throw from campus called "Paddock Farm." All of the trees that grow there were planted by members of the EAC and we have our club traditions upon picking their apples, and adding to the collection of trees. During my junior year of high school, threats were made to tear down this farm and build in it's place a golf course. This was an emotional time for our group and to the years of history and memories that filled Paddock Farm. We fought back, sending letters to newspapers and funders of the golf course. Ultimately it was decided that the environmental damage of the golf course would not only be detrimental to Paddock Farm, but also to the town as a whole, as pesticides from the golf course would be distributed everywhere in rain run-off. I still go back to visit Paddock Farm with my friends and we love to check on the trees we planted as they progress through their childhoods.

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  1. Wonderfully poetic start to this post! --I can also remember my life through tress --and do so now with forms of "forks".

    I also admire the fight for trees! --even the body is a form of "tree", form of "fork" --perhaps trees need to be valued even more; some oldest living organisms are trees --as Colin Trudge reminds us (as here on Amazon:
    or --if not the same--

    --I wasn't sure whether or not the "Paddock Farms" of your recollection matched any of my "Paddock Farm" online searches; please provide a link, if you don't mind....

    Some of what I've posted online about forms of "trees":

    and here:

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    and here:'

    --and here:

    --apparently "forks" "tines" "branches" of my sonic work are here:

    --"forms of) "more" will follow --(if possible)