Monday, November 5, 2012

Progress on Physicality

In prepping for my project, I have begun to think about what my iBook would look like, and in doing so, have arrived at an interesting realization. The comparison that I hoped to create--between experiencing the world through the physical realm versus the technological realm--is one that cannot necessarily be represented on a digital format. In showing a physical experience within the structure of an iBook, I essentially reproduce that physical experience in a digital form--increasing the difficulty of translation of physicality. Which then draws me to an interesting conclusion--that we cannot evoke a physical experience digitally, which increases the gap between what we can share among these two worlds of knowledge. What does it mean to climb a tree in the physical realm? What does it mean to climb a tree in the digital realm? How does either make progress toward our acquisition of information?  Excuse my tendencies as I think, or type, out loud. How much knowledge can we gain about the world in sharing experiences, both in conversation and in proximity, with respect to the amount of knowledge we can gain by the retelling of stories and experiences through digital mediums?

To me, there is power in conversation--in body language, in tone, in responsiveness--that allows us to generate more feelings crucial to our perception of this world. To me, there is power in touching--in climbing trees, experiencing nature, feeling the vibrations of live music--that allow me to explore what this world is capable of.

It is here that I begin my progress on my project and my authorship of the iBook as my project--comparing how we experience things and gain knowledge by taking the channel I use into account. That the reader of my project is essentially gaining knowledge about my thoughts through the technological realm, and not the physical realm. That my argument essentially contradicts itself through its ability to only be relayed and understood through the readers experience with the digital world. It is also here that I can work with Helen Keller's words in tandem with my thoughts.

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  1. Don't know the redo;it ion is/should be between this conflict of "actual" forms of "experiencing" this world, versus "digital" experiences --would you like, computes, for instance, to be more "tactile"?

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