Monday, November 5, 2012

On Trees

Talking about trees in class brought of many thoughts and memories in my mind. It is hard not to love and appreciate trees. For their humbleness, patience and overall grand appearance. They are deep and rooted in every sense of the word. However, something else that we talked about in class sprung another idea. The idea that we can change our minds as we please and that we should. I think the same is often true for trees because they can change direction and alter the course of their existence. It is almost as if trees have a mind of their own. I am glad we talked about trees in class today because it made me think about one tree I planted when I was little and how fulfilling and thought provoking it is when I go back to see it. Signing off. Thank you!

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  1. Of course, you're welcome! -do you know the film "From Hell It Came"? even if you do, please watch this clip in youtube:

    (this link also appears in our c-tools resources)

    One tree i planted had to be cut down; it was "strangling" the sidewalk, and city ordinance wouldn't allow this competition for survival ... Poor tree...