Monday, November 5, 2012

Project Time

I have recently changed my project quite a bit. Before I was working on ideas for a children's book for adults and an adult book for kids. However, after much thought and consideration, I realized that those ideas were too finite. I wanted something that could be continually altered and added to, which also had an element of interactivity. My new project idea fits those parameters (which are really non-parameters) perfectly. I am working on the content for a website to be built in iWeb, that will allow the viewer to determine his or her own path. My inspiration for this ranges from limited fork theory to cootie catchers, and the content will draw from a wide variety of sources-including some of the poetry we have read for this course. I have not yet decided whether or not the viewer will have the opportunity to go back at times, but I would like them to mostly be pressing forward into the depths of the site. The site will include a variety of media, research for which I will be working on today. Additionally, the prompts to the viewer will have dual (or even triple or quadruple) meanings, which will be up to the viewer to read into (or not). For example, if one chooses to make the site darker, the content might be of a "darker" nature. Or, if the options are different shapes, one's choice will correspond not only to visuals, but perhaps also to the shape of a sound wave. Preferences will be grounded in research to present to the viewer something crafted for their particular mood or tastes without them explicitly realizing it. For example, someone interested in bright, vibrant colors might generate a page that includes louder, faster-paced, or more upbeat content. I want each page to have a central focus, and be pretty simple. The website will be more of a game, rather than having a practical purpose. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Eliana, you might want to talk with persons in Groundworks about how you might implement some of these gestures --so you "seem" to think that "games have no practical purpose" --really? Have you benefitted in any way from any games you've played?

    Of course, "options"! --the more the better! --"options" are forms of "tines" --your project idea is itself a (form of) "fork"! --Please put plans and ideas and "intentions" (as they form and re-form) into your drop-box folder! --sounds like an idea system that won't be "completed" by December --that's good! --be sure --as best as you can-- to explain how you got wherever you arrive! --Please go where've your ideas lead you! --an excuse shouldn't be a lack of vehicle for "arrival" --as long as you get "somewhere", i hope you're pleased; an idea is not to remain where you began! --please document as much as you can in any forms of "documentation" that occur to you! --even "sketches" are acceptable! --scab then, and place those "scans" in your drop box folder! --hope this helps you even a little bit; we can talk more in class...

  2. --Love the progress of your website project, Eliana! -love the website as it is! --and as it will be on 10 December! --status update then, you know...

    --any connections planned to/for/about "readings for the course? ["bifurcations", you know [just wondering --perhaps next year, --as your work extends past boundaries.. --as your work [[continues to]] "fork"--please let me know what you think...