Monday, November 5, 2012

Trees and Doctor Who

Ch-ch-check it out!


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  1. I both follow --and love-- your tumblr blog --and the video about the trees! --of course "forms of growth" shouldn't stop! --this is a process, that occurs on (most) scales--haven't investigated all of them; only so many bifurcations are "possible" in this form of reality --not "sure" at all, what might happen in other forms --don't even "know" where they are, or how they might be accessed --especially if they "exist" in forms inaccessible by human senses --what we have is impaired, so many of our assumptions (and beliefs --including "limited fork theory") can't be proven --definitively --so we guess, we assume, we attempt --and document "whatever" we can --"documentation" at least offering means to attempt to follow paths (and earn a grade!) --the journey is worth more than a "destination" --the better your journeys, the better your "grade" --but reasons for "journeying" should not be "limited" or determined by systems of "grades" --document, and a "grade" becomes easier to give and receive! --no documentation results in forms of "failure" --but "attempt" should be --and will be!-- praised! --the more, the stronger these attempts, the stronger the grade!