Monday, October 1, 2012

The Smaller Connections--Class blog and possible project

Life is about connections. The big connections are obvious: your family, your friends, and your passions. And while these are the most important connections that require the most attention, what about the smaller connections? The connections with the bus driver who waited an extra couple of seconds for you to run and catch it, the guy in the library who lent you his phone charger, the barista who made your favorite caffeinated beverage. What happens if we were to look into those connections and examine the effect they have on our lives? I generally brush off these connections without giving them a second thought, and I would be likened to assume I am not alone in that indifference. While I know it is quite literally impossible to document and notice every connection made, I am going to attempt to make note of these smaller connections and examine the effects I draw from them. I am not sure if this is something that can turn into an entire semester-long project, nor do I know where it will take me or how I plan on documenting it, but I am going to have these observations be the central theme of my blog, and from there I will see where I can go with it. I’d love to hear any ideas for ways I could share these experiences in an interesting and accurate way! Find my blog at

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