Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi everyone,

So I'm a little stuck, if you could not tell from the title. I've stopped progress on my original project, for reasons none other than the fact that I was simply not passionate about what I had chosen to do--not committed. I look for inspiration everywhere, waiting for it to come to me so that I can embark on the process of this iBook, and share my knowledge with others as information to acquire. So, my friends, this is where I am at. I can only hope to update soon.


  1. Oh, no! There are few things as frustrating as being stuck on a project...Hmm...I'm wondering if several of us are actually in this boat. How would you (and others) feel about having an official in-class brainstorming session on Monday at noon to discuss what are projects are/where we are at with them. Maybe we can all give each other some feedback/advice.

  2. Good ide to have a brainstorming session! --I support this! --and will also attend! --Maura Youngman, a DL1 consultant has made in iBook, and gas offered to discuss her work (you can also both see --and BUY (!)-- this iBook: title is: "In Search of Home" --you will need an iPad to see and/or buy it! (not visible on the iPhone --i have an iPhone 5 --and definitely not visible on that!

  3. I'm really glad you were honest about your writer's (creator's) block, I feel as though admitting this and the subsequent suggestion of an in-class brainstorming session really helped those of us in class, so thank you for initiating that!