Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Please check out this link to Lichtenberg Figures:
 and watch the video in which forkergirl discusses their significance in her work,
a YouTube video.  

In the following image, you see journeys of electrons in plexiglas --a fractal similarity to forests is unmistakable --but this one can be held in a hand!  --Please notice how these tines, of so many forks appear to be reaching out to each other --in attempts to connect --temporarily!  Electron bridges!  Electron connections!  --on every scale, some form of this happens!  in every location!  for EVERY duration!  --so important that we attempt to connect!  What would we be without attempts!  --fine if we fail, as long as we've tried!  --and the figure itself documents attempt!

This image of captured lightning comes from the website this link goes to.

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  1. It is interesting that lichtenberg figures can only be captured in glass. At first I thought how is this limited fork if the tines simply stop? But upon a closer look I realized that is not the case. The fact that they are transparent allows them to have infinite interactions in infinite moments, creating more tines outside the boundaries of their glass casing. Even more interesting is the idea that if they were not captured in glass and could no longer bifurcate, then they would not be visible to the human eye.