Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Progress Since Monday

The brainstorming session we had in class Monday was extremely helpful and got me thinking just how much sharing ideas leads to progress. Since sharing my idea of exploring opposite methods people use to reach a shared goal--such as opposing viewpoints on gun control with the common goal of safety--I have been brainstorming many ways to illustrate this concept using pictures, videos, and potentially interviewing people on their beliefs and the goals behind these beliefs. I realize this could get personal with questioning beliefs on subjects such as gun control or methods of obtaining happiness, but I feel that honest responses to these questions would illicit a very meaningful message. Ultimately, in my project, I want to explore a few different questions. However, with only a month and a half left, I am not sure how many topics I will be able to explore. For now, I want to do a little research into some topics I am considering and then see what could be feasible to complete by the end of the semester, and which would stretch beyond December 11. While I know this is an ongoing project, I would like to have at least one or two topics explored in my iBook by the end of the semester so I can show everyone my progress throughout the semester and give you all a good idea of what my final project would look like.

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  1. "Progress" and "attempt" are everything --so be sure you've DOCUMENTED! your journey! --and class is a form of "journey"!