Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Documentation of Last Wednesday

I wasn't in class last wednesday, because my father came into town to take me to Lansing for a special honor I received. I documented some of my journey in hopes that maybe I could find a connection between what went on in class and what went on at the same time in Lansing. I had not seen my father since April, so that made the outing even more special. Did anything special happen in Ann Arbor last wednesday morning? Please share!


  1. Last Wednesday I also wasn't in class. I wish I had taken documentation of my journey from my hometown back to Ann Arbor to compare to the documentation of your journey! Curious, though, that there were two members of our class both absent from the stationary, physical location of the classroom due to being mobile.

    Congrats on your honor!

  2. Of course many "somethings" forms of "special" happened in Ann Arbor and everywhere --on every scale, in every location, for every duration --but you're trying (and succeeding) to be much more particular. We were going to have in iBook demo, but the consultant (who made the iBook) couldn't be here withe --Maura succumbed to illness, but I hope that we can observe and interact with her book today (Monday 29 October)! please see: (there's a glossary there --and much, much more)