Tuesday, February 2, 2010


A website for people that want to learn the language of the blue cat people from Avatar

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"I agree that a suffix or "inflection scaffolding" would be very appropriate for the culture that's developing in this community and now having seen the film 3 times, I don't see how it could fundamentally conflict with Na'vi ways either. -ちゃん (-chan) is invaluable in Japanese society and many of my English+Japanese-speaking close friends spontaneously add -y (cf "willy, charlie, annie, bobby/i") on the ends of each other's names as a term of affection. I think we can make something "atmospheric" up based on the way Sa'nu, Sempu and 'Evi work. 'It is clearly already working in a similar fashion to the Irish ín in the vein of "a bit/a lesser/smaller/younger version of something" but we don't understand it fully, so I suggest staying away from that.

-u may be a safe way to go, but -uy- is the honorific/humble verb infix, so not a good idea to mess with u+i as a unit unless it move full on to -wi, I'd imagine.

How about -i/-wi/-tswi/-swi/-k.wi/-p.wi/-t.wi and/& /or -u/-un (which seems a tad bit more masculine to me)?

All are pretty cute/かわいい (kawaii) to me."

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