Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2nd life

2nd LIFE

I tried to open and play it but i did not really feel like learning how to do it even though it would not take very long to learn. I just did not want to play it. This is the same feeling I felt when I tried to play the TEXT BASED MUD. I guess I am just really not into virtual games.

The reason that I did not dive further into 2nd life is because I realize that for it to be fun, I will have to figure out all of the various commands and things you can do in the game and that is learning that takes time. I think that is a waste of my time because two things will happen, either I will become 'addicted to 2nd life' and play a lot at later times when I should be doing something else, or I will kind of stupidly walk around 2nd life, not really figure out how to do anything, and not play again which is pointless, more pointless than playing. I noticed everyone was having fun playing it, but I joined about an hour after every body else due to my initial disinterest. When I finally joined and everyone was already 'into' the game, it just made me less inclined to learn about it.

That is why I did not play 2nd life.


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  1. I have been 'playing' 2nd life for about 2 hours now without knowing anything about it. Not only is it a waste of time, it can also be quite embarrassing. I just walked in to a club (Club Bloodmagick or something) a couple hours too early for the wet t-shirt contest. The owners just looked at me and then said Can we help you? in what I assume was a patronizing voice that really meant Could you please leave. I don't agree that meeting in virtual space lessens the social anxiety or awkwardness experienced irl.

    That said, I don't blame you. But I would have liked to see what yr avatar looked like because you have good fashion sense irl.