Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a 2nd life for noise

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"Swine Flu" by Eric Hat

Echolon Recorded from Echolon. Check out more recordings from Echolon...

RjDj is an application for iphones that records sound and regurgitates a remixed version of all the noise. I can record myself saying "i hate second life," and some baby/dwarf/goofer version of me will return, "iiiiiiiii hateHATEhate sesesecondcond lifeLIFE." The words all change, some of them are erased, and ambient noise I would not have noticed in real time will be spat out by RjDj as a great boom of static. It's a tiny little P Diddy, dedicated to the remix, baby. But what's great about RjDj is that the sound landscape created by the remix application retains the feel and tone of original recording (it's EVEN better than a Puff daddy remix). Just follow the link and listen to swine flu... I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm catching the pig disease. A little infected pork for our limited forks.

On the subject of remixing, check out this Gil Scott Heron remix of Robert Johnson's blues classic:

What gets me about the video, besides Heron being one of my heroes, is that it expresses so much more than a simple guitar and a good blues singer ever could... it may just be a music video, but it's an interesting study on how an old blues standard can be rediscovered and remixed in the digital age.

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