Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry

I have been thinking about this video since I took a car trip to Ferndale to see a concert in early January, when I had just begun learning about Limited Fork Theory. This song first struck me because it was a remix of a song that is several years old, Big Girls Don't Cry (the earliest date I can find for it is 2007) while Fergie's album, The Duchess came out in 2006. I head this remix as a male imagining a response to Fergie's lyrics, like a fictional dialogue between the two of them.

The original version of this song was also used at the end of one of the seasons of the Hills, when Lauren and Heidi were fighting because Lauren would not allow Heidi's boyfriend Spencer, or anyone who associated with him into her life because he had offered to sell a non-existent sex tape of Lauren to various media outlets. Heidi begged Lauren to forgive Spencer, but ultimately decided to loose her friendship with Lauren and move in with Spencer, though she repeatedly tried to get Lauren back in her life.

So for me, this remix conjure up not only an imagined dialogue between Fergie and Sean Kingston, but also one between Lauren and Heidi (with Lauren, of course, as Fergie.) I find interesting the way in which the meaning of this song, a song about a girl needing some time and space to figure out who she is, was morphed through it various cultural applications.

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