Saturday, January 16, 2010


Website for PUNCTURED LUNG, recording project started by me (Joseph Wojtowicz) in my room at my parents' house in late 2007. Works are made primarily with tapes, guitar and various electronics. Notes on specific tracks:

"Immigration Station" -- Guitar on tape dubbed and re-dubbed indiscernible amount of times on a broken Sony cassette recorder.

"Spiritual Warfare" -- Mix of sermon recorded on tape titled "Spiritual Warfare" by a pastor from Southgate, MI sometime in mid 1990's.

"She Totally Put A Hole In It" -- Two guitar tracks & vocals done through putting earbud headphones into microphone output. Once in early 2008 I was going to take a stroll through the park in downtown Farmington, MI on a winter afternoon--I was accosted by a police officer and accused of selling drugs (which I certainly was not) behind a senior living apartment building. Thus, the subject of this song.

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