Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paper or Plastic?

How Plastic Bags Are Made

An Introduction to the History of Plastics

Dow Plastics Portfolio

ExxonMobil Polyethylene home

All about Polyethylene

At the Battle of the Bag site at CBC, more documentaries about the promises of plastic and the dominance of the plastic bag may be watched, including this archival video The Kingdom of Plastic from 1945:


Read an article about biodegradable plastic bags

Kids Turn in 39,000 plastic bags

An article about the Environmental Impact of Plastic Bags

Green Concern Closes Largest Plastic Bag Manufacturer in China

Read: Paper vs Plastic: The Shopping Bag Debate

A Little lesson on how plastic bags are made from Chemical and Engineering News

No Bag, Thanks from ABC Australia

12 Amazing Things Made from Plastic Bags, a slideshow
(featuring some of Ryan Frank's free-range furniture)

Here's a video from Reuter's about Turning Trash (plastic bags) into Kites: desirable aesthetic objects (that can delay becoming waste —for awhile).

Want to make your own plastic bag kite? Here's one way to do it:

More art made from plastic bags

A green from paper bag puppet from Art in English dot com:

U.S. Senator Larry Craig Paper Bag Mask (downloadable pdf). Mask looks like this:

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