Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Limited Fork Theory Remix Culturists: this still semi-concealed Apple Tablet is for us!

Tablet? As in take one or two and call me in the morning?
Two tablets from Dr. Moses (see image below from TUAW
How about at 1:00 pm EST?

We sit in our pursuit on interfaces between Humanities and Technology, looking to identify more and more connections, and to exploit the possibilities of these connections,

biased, so it would seem, toward helping connections to emerge that transform the Humanities, extend the Humanities, that build exceptional configurations that invite occupancies impossible without these flexible structures that solve more problems than they create, helping humanity reach more of our shifting and flexible potential

(for whatever happens is possible; only what is possible happens, what is possible varying, updating itself as necessary so that any any given time, the possible is in effect)

Be on the alert, and report here on what possibilities you think the new Apple Tablet (still semi-officially a phantom —the clock ticks) offers for those interfaces on which we sit!

Want to take part in the TUAW live chat before the TUAW liveblog during the announcement at 1:00 PM EST? Then click on TUAW live chat
This image just in from the TUAW live chat
where the image was reported as just seen (relatively speaking, as usual) at the Yerba Buena Center:

Limited Fork Theory Remix Culturists, I eagerly await your comments about the tablet, whether or not it descends from the top of the Apple Mountain to reach the masses beyond a dream.

A. MacFanatic


  1. the name - did anyone else happen to see the mock-up for the iMaxiPad in the every three weekly a couple years ago? whenever i think about hypothetical names for my hypothetical band's albums, i always judge them based on whether or not some awful pun could be made about them in the case of a hypothetical poor reception.

    other than that, I WANT ONE