Wednesday, January 13, 2010

interview with artist Roni Horn

Horn: Yes. Particularly as an artist — it's uncertainty that allows for possibility. Presumably it's part of the process of creating. This is by nature an irreversible growth process — a dialogue that opens things up instead of closing them down. I can't imagine doing something the content of which I know in a predetermined way.

Interview with Roni Horn

Spinelli: Compared to your installations, looking at and reading books is a very private way of confrontation...

Horn: It's very intimate. A book is really a sensual, if not sexual experience and I use these books to focus people in this very intimate one-on-one relationship. The book can become a kind of mirror. The book has an inside and an outside. (A lot of things don't have that. They have only outsides; images for example.) And then you enter it and it has a fixed sequence. It has a before and an after, there is a narrative implicit in it. So all that is part of the structure that I'm using.

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