Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This class has taught me a lot about the idea of Limited Fork Theory but I feel more importantly about my own creative processes. To be more precise: So many of the aspects of Limited Fork, when they were explained to me, seemed very intuitive, which is not to say they were not useful or that they were obvious, only that once I understood them they seemed to fit regularly and quite easily into my own conception of the world. The reasonable conclusions and explanations of limited fork seem to fork together with my own preconceptions of epistemology and philosophy in general. And so my work to be done in Limited Fork appeared to be more application than theory. I dove head first into the limitless bifurcations of limited fork theory's applications, as well as using the concept of exploring an idea-environment (ideaonment?) rather than pursuing an idea in a linear fashion. The most useful thing I gained in this class was the power of a tool, the fork, using many tines to gather many diverse pieces, and stuffing them into my brain in order to chew them up. The result is something I could not have scooped with the spoon of conventional research or study, and the mix is something that will stick with me.

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