Friday, March 22, 2013

What do you see/hear/think/believe?

I only just realized that I have not posted in a few days...

At first glance that seemed bad to me, but I realized it was because over the past few days my posting has been replaced with my interviewing, videotaping, recording, and thinking about things for my final project.

I have been enticed with analyzing, listening to, and working on these videos/recordings I took of my sister, mother, and just the other day, myself, that have to do with anything and everything that could possibly be talked about, thought about, felt, seen, listened to, or experienced in terms of god, religion, spirits, ghosts, life, and belief.

I am so excited to share some of the stuff I have captured with you all!

This first video is one that I took with my computer. I was in Dedham Massachusetts over this past weekend and my sister was talking to my two friends about her experiences. I didn't have any space left on my phone to just record their conversation so I took a video instead, but what I captured (at least when I watched it back over) was much more. Of course, it is up to interpretation, that is, after all, the whole point, the interpretation of the questions I will pose to you through my book.

You should know a few things before watching/listening. 1. The hallway in which I recorded has no windows in it, so there was no other light besides the artificial one in the hallway. 2. My sister and my friend Josh were talking to each other in a nook right outside my sisters bedroom, the computer was right outside my room facing the wall, so they never came near the computer. And 3. at minute 1:49, the light shift is my computer light turning off.

So, in this case, I ask you to watch this short video. Listen to the way my sister describes what she sees with such ease and how my friend Josh responds. Draw your own opinions from what you hear, of course, in terms of if you believe them or not, but also pay attention to what you hear and how that corresponds with what you see. Especially pay attention to the moments between seconds 0:47-0:57, and minute 2:20 to the end.

What do you think/hear/see/believe?


  1. Just listened to this Teagan, and I'm really interested to see how your project will turn out. I've really never known what to believe in terms of ghosts and other things like that. My mom, who is the biggest skeptic of anything like this, swears when my brother and I were kids we were in our room and she was in another part of the house when she heard an adult woman's voice say "LISA" (her name)and she went into my brother's and my room only to see my brother silently choking on a gumball and me too absorbed in a book to notice. She really thinks that voice is what made her come into our room.

  2. Wow, that's an amazing story Elizabeth. Experiences like this are a big part of my final project. Just like you said, your mom is a big skeptic and yet there was something that made her go into the rom to find your brother. What was it? Who was it? And because she is a skeptic, does she think back to that experience and wonder to herself "did I actually hear that?"
    Thank you for sharing that story! This project has been a lot of work to put together but I think it's going to turn out great!