Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My final project idea...

I was having a conversation with my mom about my sister over break; my sister is what you might call a "medium," she can see spirits and ghosts and communicates with them. As much as I love my sister, and believe that she is telling the truth about the things that she sees, there are times when it is difficult for my logic to latch onto some of the things she says she sees, hears, or feels. I think this has a lot to do with the society we have grown up in. We are conditioned to think that ghosts couldn't possibly be real, that people who see spirits must be a gimmick, and that those who believe in these things are messed up in the head.
In contrast to these thoughts, my mom and I were also talking about belief in God. Both my mom and my sister believe in God and say they talk to him on a regular basis. My mom has even explained to me the first moment she heard him talking to her, saying that it was indeed a male voice and presence, and she knew it was God speaking because what he was saying to her in her head were not her own thoughts.
Society would say that my mom and sister's belief in God was acceptable, but their belief in ghosts and spirits was a joke. Why? How are they so different? Other than the outlook that God is the creator of the universe and ghosts are from this earth. They both go unseen (in most cases), and they both survive on the belief that people have in them. Why are we so conditioned that belief in God is more logical than the belief in ghosts or spirits?...
I want to use some of the ideas I have been developing throughout the semester and combine them to create a feeling, an argument, a question, a challenge. At the beginning of the semester I was thinking about this idea of Precious Images, and had thought of using that idea but with images, sounds, and touches. I still want to use these effects for the presentation of my book because it will give the reader the opportunity to use their senses to form their own opinion, just like my sister, who sees, hears, and feels the spirits around her.
I have also decided to combine the final project and the book project into one, because they just fit so perfectly together. The books that I collected from the Salvation Army were bibles, and I want to use their raw material as the visuals for the project. I am going to continue writing on them, cutting them up, and reshaping them to show that conflicting messages to what the bible says can be found in the bible itself. I am going to probably use the one children's bible I have as the touching sensation for the project...what to be done to that book has yet to be determined. And finally, over break I ended up recording these conversations I had with my mother, and I am going to use that raw material and possible other interviews as the sound for the project.
All of these elements coming together should create a sensation in the reader, one that causes them to question their own beliefs.

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