Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Projects

I am working on multiple projects but the two most important ones are these two because they follow the same pattern of small-idea-opens-entire-universe

1. Remixing memories

I have a memory of my first art class in public school. In 8th grade we were finally granted the freedom to create from our imaginations, not just from an explicit project, controlled by the teacher every step of the way. We also studied famous artists and were then asked to...REMIX them. At the time, this word was not used, but it is the perfect expression. One group of artists we looked at were Indigenous Australians, Aboriginal People. I remember looking at their art and then being asked to paint something in that style. Not copy one of their paintings, but go off of the general idea of how their work is--how it lives and breathes. Remixing to enhance understanding of the original work; not detracting not simply copying not stealing. More fully expressing in collaboration. Anyway, I have not looked at Aboriginal art since that time (8 years ago). But lately my brain has been telling me to keep remixing this particular style in my painting. Seemingly out of nowhere it has resurfaced: showing skeletons and organs on the outside, using only certain colors, flattening subject matter, creating detailed patterns, everything I can remember. Is painting irrelevant in 2010? Yes. No. I am trying to figure out why I have to do it. And I have to do this resurrection/extraction from my brain, which has been continually working without my knowledge. So let me know if u want to see these ptgs.

2. Tracing

Something Thylias said about the iPhone as an extension of the hand sticks with me. My second project is to map out the form and history of this growth. Beginning from the first human tool, the hand, all the way to the iPhone. Bulleting different inventions, tracing and re-tracing anatomical evolution, cultural historical contexts, conincidence--infinite things. At some point, it may get practically scientific. But mostly it will be a visually appealing schema. But I think most science is only practical if it's aesthetically pleasing.

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